Karolina Dorante


Karolina Dorante was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, where from an early age she showed a strong sense of altruism and community service. Driven by her love for art and culture, she decided to explore new opportunities and embarked on studying Fashion Design and the Italian Language in Milan, Italy, where she acquired valuable skills and knowledge.

Raised in a family committed and activist in social work and human rights issues, she deeply absorbed the responsibility towards her surroundings. Inspired by this influence, she redoubled her efforts to help her community, especially during moments of crisis in her homeland.

Motivated by her passion for justice and equality, she became a staunch advocate for human rights, raising her voice on behalf of those often marginalized by society. However, faced with adversity and persecution in Venezuela, she was forced to emigrate with her family to the United States.

Today, in her new home, she continues her work at Mi Familia en Acción as an activist and human rights advocate, committed to building a more equitable and compassionate world for all. Additionally, it is of utmost importance for her to contribute to strengthening democracy, as she considers it a fundamental pillar for development and justice in society.