What We Do


Our citizenship assistance efforts strive to ensure that all eligible legal permanent residents, particularly those of Latin American origin, have the tools and resources at their disposal to achieve their unique American citizenship dream. Our team conducts citizenship information sessions to community members to inform them of eligibility requirements and how to prepare to file for citizenship. Additionally, our team partners with trusted legal professionals to provide confidential pro-bono legal consultation and review N-400 forms. After receiving Citizenship support from Mi Familia en Accion, eligible individuals can mail their forms with full confidence and receive their citizenship a few months later! Through our unique partnership with the government of Mexico, Mi Familia en Acción has access to Mexican consulates in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Texas to help eligible Mexicans to achieve American citizenship.

Citizenship Programs

Mi Familia Vota is in the forefront of the nation-wide campaign to win comprehensive reform with a path to citizenship by mobilizing the Latino community at union halls, churches, schools and community centers and taking meaningful action.

For many years, we have helped lead national and local coalitions in the fight for immigration reform. From the passage of a bi-partisan bill in the U.S. Senate to the fight in the Supreme Court for the implementation of DACA+ and DAPA, our work helps educate, empower, and mobilize the immigrant community.

Our organization is immigrant-led, and we continue to work within our communities to provide naturalization assistance. We know that immigrant communities make our country stronger, which is why we provide assistance to those who want to become naturalized citizens.



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