What We Do

Youth Leadership

With Latino youth becoming a growing force across our nation, Mi Familia en Acción intentionally provides civic leadership learning and skills development focused on Latino youth ages 18-30 years old. Through our ladder of engagement and organizing model, youth become informed, motivated, empowered, and called to action to be civic leaders. Mi Familia en Acción supports Latino youth in their individual and collective civic journey. As a result, our youth leaders have led their own voter registration drives, advocate for their issue priorities with elected officials, and support our voter mobilization efforts to get out the vote in their networks.


Policy development and civic participation are the cornerstones of our youth programs. We provide the support needed for our youth to establish their own political consciousness, learn government functions, organize around issues that are relevant to their lives and their communities and become politically engaged at the local, state, and federal level.

As part of the program we offer:

  • Twice a month meetings on relevant issues (immigration, elections, education, etc.)
  • Meet elected officials from different government levels
  • Leadership development trainings
  • Networking opportunities
  • Community and culture events
  • Spring community project
  • Voter registration drive planning
  • Our program is dedicated to guiding youth to discover their voice and leadership attributes in addition to making them competitive candidates for their future positions.