Gracias por visitarnos. Mi Familia Vota es una organización nacional sin fines de lucro que trabaja para construir el poder político latino a través de la participación cívica en. El cambio comienza contigo. Únete a nuestra causas.

CA Priorities

Founded in California, Mi Familia Vota has established itself as a civic engagement and community outreach leader. California, with more than 16 million Latinos, which make up 40% of the population, is home to progressive values and a forerunner on immigration. However, this is a recent shift due to ‘Mi Familia Vota's work during and after SB 187. Before that work, CA was a Republican-held state at all levels of government. As landscapes and communities continue to evolve, we have seen an incremental rise of conservative leadership within minority-majority regions.

To address this shift, Mi Familia Vota CA (MFV) operates in three regions: Modesto, Fresno, and the Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside County), with work also extending into Los Angeles, Madera, Merced, and San Joaquin counties. In these predominantly Latino regions, many of which are the same minority-majority districts now led by conservative politicians, there is a lack of civic engagement, voter engagement, and access to candidates and elected officials. MFV CA’s established trust and history with our community allows us to create change within the community, giving them a voice and expanding our impact throughout California. 





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CA Programs

Our citizenship assistance efforts strive to ensure that all eligible legal permanent residents, particularly those of Latin American origin, have the tools and resources at their disposal to achieve their unique American citizenship dream. Our team conducts citizenship information sessions to community members to inform them of eligibility requirements and how to prepare to file for citizenship. Additionally, our team partners with trusted legal professionals to provide confidential pro-bono legal consultation and review N-400 forms. After receiving Citizenship support from Mi Familia en Acción, eligible individuals can mail their forms with full confidence and receive their citizenship a few months later! Through our unique partnership with the government of Mexico, Mi Familia en Acción has access to Mexican consulates in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Texas to help eligible Mexicans to achieve American citizenship.

Working as a member of the governor's trusted messenger network to distribute materials around critical issues that the community both faces and is impacted by.

Our multi-layered voter mobilization program does strategic targeted outreach to thousands of Latino voters. Every election, whether local, state, or federal, our teams are on the ground, at the doors, and on the phone having the necessary conversations that help get Latino voters to the polls. Mi Familia en Acción prides itself in having the largest field infrastructure in the Latino community that turns out voters each election. Our electoral participation power is deciding the outcomes of elections.

With Latino youth becoming a growing force across our nation, Mi Familia en Acción intentionally provides civic leadership learning and skills development focused on Latino youth ages 18-30 years old. Through our ladder of engagement and organizing model, youth become informed, motivated, empowered, and called to action to be civic leaders. Mi Familia en Acción supports Latino youth in their individual and collective civic journey. As a result, our youth leaders have led their own voter registration drives, advocate for their issue priorities with elected officials, and support our voter mobilization efforts to get out the vote in their networks.

Mi Familia en Acción has 7 priority issue areas that we actively engage community members and elected officials on. These issues include immigrant rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, access to affordable healthcare, access to quality education, climate justice, and reproductive justice. Our teams on the ground engage in city, county, and state level governments to advocate for specific policy priorities. Each year, our team educates and empowers Latino community members to understand their state’s Legislative Session. Our community-focused advocacy efforts provide individuals with the opportunity to ensure their lived experiences impact the policymaking process.