MFV Statement on the Supreme Court siding with Trump over our Democracy

Press Release

March 20, 2024

For Immediate Release

Press Contact: Kristian Ramos,

Washington D.C. – The Supreme Court has struck down a Colorado Supreme Court decision in Colorado, ruling that states cannot kick Donald Trump off the ballot over his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.  Mi Familia Vota took to the streets of Colorado last year, working with Free Speech for the People to pressure the Secretary of State to remove Trump from the ballot.

Héctor Sánchez Barba, President and CEO of Mi Familia Vota (MFV), released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court ruling: 

“Today is a sad day for our country when the Supreme Court sided with Trump over our democracy. There is no question that Donald Trump violated his oath of office when he led the charge to overturn the results of the 2020 election. His actions only confirmed what the Latino community has long known: he is dangerous.


The disqualification clause in the 14th Amendment is explicit: anyone who violates their oath of office is ineligible to run for higher office in the future. Secretaries of State should have the power to bar Trump from the ballot. 

Critically, the Supreme Court administered this ruling on a technicality and did not exonerate Trump’s actions on January 6th. As our partners at Free Speech for the People note: This dangerous ruling encourages Trump–and those who follow his example–to engage in more insurrections and disregard more broadly the Constitution. 

There is ample evidence as to why Donald Trump is not fit to hold office again; it is deeply disappointing that the highest court in the land would side with Trump over upholding our constitution.  We will continue to fight for our community and ensure that MAGA is held accountable for the policy priorities of the Latino community.”


About Mi Familia Vota: Mi Familia Vota is a national civic engagement organization that unites Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and voter participation. Mi Familia Vota operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Texas.