Eliana Grosof, National Data Manager


March 20, 2024

Eliana Grosof is a National Data Manager at Mi Familia Vota. She empowers teams of political organizers and canvassers to use data to build Latino political power across the United States. She loves to develop fun and intuitive ways to use and show relevant information. She is passionate about supporting and building Latino political power and is grateful to be embedded in the movement at a critical time in the history of U.S. democracy.

Before joining Mi Familia Vota in the fall of 2023, she worked at a political consulting firm that specializes in direct mail. During her tenure, she sent millions of pieces of strategically targeted mail to constituents in key states across the country.

An accomplished canvasser herself, Eliana raised thousands of dollars and collected hundreds of petitions during her work with the Fund for the Public Interest. Over the years, Eliana has volunteered with several other progressive candidates and causes.

Eliana graduated from Oberlin College in 2020. While at Oberlin, she double majored in Computer Science and Politics and regularly cooked lentils for 100 people at once. Since graduating, she has also perfected the art of cooking tofu. In her free time, you can find her hiking, trying out new coffee shops, and shopping at vintage stores.

Eliana is based in New York City, although you can find her working from anywhere with a WiFi connection.