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Evaristo Gómez



Evaristo Gomez was born and raised along Denver’s Front Range. From a young age, his parents unknowingly instilled a vigor for community organizing that would remain an important detail for his future. It wasn’t until the latter years of his high school experience when this became apparent with the help of youth civic engagement organizers.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Political Science and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder, Evaristo has shown a commitment to the young people of Colorado through education and action.

As a youth organizer for Mi Familia Vota, he wishes to continue his commitment to the Colorado’s Youth, by providing them with the background and knowledge to engage in democratic processes historically withheld from Latinx communities. Evaristo wishes his advocacy for Colorado’s Latino youth will not only positively impact their futures but the futures of their family, friends, and communities.