Sofia Guardado

Community Organizer

Born in Melbourne, Florida, I embarked on my professional journey at the age of 12, working at a flea market. Over the years, I gained diverse experience first in business than office settings, including telemarketing, student loan collections, real estate, and local government.

My career path led me to roles such as Office Manager, Deputy Clerk of the Board, and eventually clerking the Assessment Appeals Board for the State of California. In 2021, I transitioned to nonprofit work, serving as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. These roles prepared me for my current position at MFA. As a Native American Apache woman, I’ve overcome many barriers, including domestic violence, teen homelessness, underpay, racism, and sexism.

My mission is to reclaim my culture and inspire others through resilience and hard work. A proud mother of four, I’m dedicated to being a role model and making a difference.