Albert Cedeño


Alberto Cedeño serves as the Civic Engagement Organizer for Mi Familia Vota in Nevada, where he champions the cause of increasing political participation within the Latino community. Driven by a deep-seated passion for uplifting Latinos, Alberto is committed to educating them on the significance of fulfilling their civic responsibilities and becoming more involved in their communities. His efforts in Nevada aim to empower Latinos by enhancing their understanding of the political landscape, emphasizing the importance of their involvement, and guiding them on ways to enact political change in the state.


Residing in Las Vegas, Alberto treasures his downtime, often spent with family, engaging in quiet activities that offer him space to reflect on life's essential matters. He relishes the opportunity to explore nature through walks and visits to recreational spots, especially when the Las Vegas weather is mild. Additionally, Alberto finds pleasure in reading, writing, and delving into topics related to psychology, which he finds enriching.