Manuel Santamaria, Nevada State Director


March 20, 2024

Originally hailing from Southern California, Manny Santamaria’s journey has been as dynamic as his heritage. A proud veteran of the United States Army, Manny’s early years were marked by dedication and service as a combat medic and paratrooper. His military career took him across the world to Germany, where he embraced a new culture and community for seven years and to service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manny’s transition to civilian life led him to the bustling city of Las Vegas, where he discovered a new passion: advocacy. Beginning with Chispa Nevada, Manny immersed himself in the realm of civic engagement, honing his skills and expanding his network. His efforts soon pivoted to a crucial role in the 2022 election cycle, spearheading Latino engagement for the Nevada Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign.

Manny’s vision extends beyond individual campaigns. His ambition is to forge a robust coalition in Nevada, uniting young Latinos, Latino business owners, and Latinas. His goal is not just engagement, but empowerment – creating a cycle of enthusiasm, contribution, and direct action within the Latino community.

At the heart of Manny’s aspirations is the dream to see Mi Familia Vota as the cornerstone of advocacy, civic engagement, and political power for Latinos in Nevada; a force for change, a